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Pick-Up Confirmation

Pick-Up Confirmation

Please check calendar to ensure you are picking the correct date.

The food at Crossroads is dependent on what is available from the North Texas Food Bank. Because of this, it is difficult to predict exactly what will be available to our CDP sites. All CDP sites receive an order containing food based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). This includes grains, fruits, milk, proteins, and vegetables. We guarantee that all food given to our sites will be well-rounded and nutritious.

Below is a list of foods that we typically have in our pantry. Please list any common client allergies in the proper box below so we know which food items to not include in your order. 

  • Fresh Produce
  • Orange Juice
  • Raisins
  • Dried Cherries
  • Fresh Produce
  • Refried Beans
  • Corn
  • Green Beans
  • Whole Wheat Spaghetti
  • Rice
  • Peanut Butter
  • Eggs
  • Assorted Soups
**When Available

Food Pick-Up Requirements:

  1. Arrive at the correct time of pick-up.If you are early, we will try our best to let you in the gate, but cannot guarantee you will be let in before your pick-up time.
  2. Call (469) 551-3880 to alert staff that you are at the gate. Staff will not open the gate unless they receive a phone alert.
  3. Appropriate vehicle type and number of vehicles - we are unable to wait for a second round of vehicles to pick-up the food.
  4. Pallet Blanket usage is required for refrigerated food safety. Sites must bring and use their pallet blanket at every pick-up. Failure to bring your pallet blanket will result in a fee of $75.00 and a re-issuance of a pallet blanket. 
  5.  Several able bodied persons to count and check that all food items on Master Pick List have been received intact and load food into vehicle/s
  6. Once you sign and leave with the product, you have confirmed all inventory was received in full.

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